Lynette's Stock Dogs

I have been hanging out with working dogs since I was a little girl.  Everywhere I went, the dogs followed...as long as they weren't working for dad. 

I have only been without a working cow dog for one year of my life and will never do it again.  They are a valuable asset in helping us get the work done when the cows don't want to cooperate for us. 

I raise a new litter of pups when it is most convenient on my end to spend the time with new pups.  It does take a lot of time

and money, but it sure is fun.  My goal is to raise good cow dogs (or stock dogs) that will help their masters get the work done and be content to stay on the porch waiting for the next project.

Call me if you are a serious buyer

with a good working home for one

of my ready to work puppies!

Lynette Mills


Ten Sleep, WY