Ruby Jr. - Red Female - $400

White tipped tail, frosty 15 hairs on collar.

PS - aka "Problem Solver" - Red/White Male - $400

Fun loving, cuddly personality, but has grit too!!  As my torn pants can attest to!

Lynette's Stock Dogs

Blaze - Red/White Male - Docked Tail - Slightly longer hair than the rest - $400

Red/White Female - docked tail - $400

Big Red - Docked Tail - only white is a narrow strip on his chest. $400

They almost look like twins!!!

Buster - 1/2 Border Collie (named Colt) x my mixed bred female, Bonnie.

Roanie - Female - long tail - $400

Dark Red Tail - no white.  Roaning on legs/face.

Lynette's Stock Dogs

Ruby - Sire is a Hanging Tree (bl/white) and mom is a Border Collie from England

Welcome to Ruby and Buster's first litter

Whelped April 11, 2018. Three Males & Three Females

Call Lynette Mills - 307-272-5509 for more info.