Male # 1  - SOLD

Name:  Rocky

Long Tail

Price:  $300 @ 6-7 weeks old

Mom to this litter is the same as last litter, my female dog, Bonnie, a mix of Heeler, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd and Black Lab.  She works cattle on our ranch.


Male # 2  -  SOLD

Nickname:  Burly

docked tail

Price:  $300 @ 6-7 weeks old 

A calf testing Bonnie, mother to this litter, out on the trail.

Lynette's Stock Dogs

Just 3 Males For Sale


Sire is a Welsh Collie, tri-colored, named Bo, owned by a working cattle, sheep and goat ranch here in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming.  He is a working dog.  For more info, contact me and I will get you in contact with his owners.

Photos below of my older working dogs...

and pictures of Bonnie, the mom to this litter.

Bonnie - mother to this litter, trailing cows up the mountain this summer 2017

Puppies were whelped November 11th, 2017!!

All 3 puppies are sold and off to homes that have cattle or sheep to work!  Thank You to my buyers!


Male # 3  -  SOLD

Nickname:  Curly Collie

docked tail

Price:  $300 @ 6-7 weeks old